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Arkansas Business: Blogger Comments on Small Business Blogs

Posted by Wilson Kanaday on Thu, Aug 23, 2007 @ 20:08 PM

Lance Turner, the blogger for, yesterday inked this quip,

Some [small businesses] are actually turning blog traffic into sales, almost [Lance's emphasis] justifying the time and expense it all takes.

Where to start?  Okay, there is a lot of skepticism around blogs.  Not long ago, I was one of the skeptics.  But now you are reading my blog. 

Do blogs take time?  Sort of.  I know my field and I enjoy it.  I think about the stuff in my posts all the time.  The most difficult thing is writing short posts.

Is it expensive?  No.  I even had some blog experts to do all of my back end work on setting this thing up and they still do some consulting around my posting and marketing. 

But can you just blog and hope for the best?  Of course not.  Notice the keywords I use over and over again.  Notice the URL directories displayed.  Very little in this blog is an accident.  And, over time, it will pay off.

And lastly, if your blog is actually getting solid traffic and you can't figure out how to make money with that, is that the blog's fault?

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