Search Engine Marketing

Increasing Search Engine Marketing is Increasing Your Business.

In the new Global-Economy paradigm, the world is flat.  Which means you can sell across borders, conduct business without constraint to geography, and open up new markets.  The downside of this new flat world, is that businesses that aren’t Search Engine Marketing can fall off the edge…

Why?  Because there are now thousands of competitors offering similar products and services - and all can located with just a few clicks.  For your business to survive and thrive, you need to be found with the fewest clicks using Search Engine Marketing!

At Vertical Studio, we look carefully at each individual business situation and plumb the depths of your category and your competition.  We help you determine smart keyword strategies that may involve text, metatags, longtail words, and key search word phrases using a comprehensive approach to Search Engine Marketing.  We’ll consider Adwords, and the cost and possible return on that investment.  We’ll present you with options and execution costs.  You’ll know exactly what we’re proposing, exactly why, and the potential upside of using Search Engine Marketing for your web site.