Google Analytics Implementation

Helping You Visualize Your Traffic for Continuous Improvement
Vertical Studio uses the powerful and detailed reporting features in Google Analytics to help you visualize your current online traffic patterns. By understanding where your customers come from, where they go within your site, and where they continue - or drop out - you'll gain fresh insight into the mindset of your customers. We'll help you understand what is propelling them - or repelling them!

Google's next generation Analytics gives every online business enterprise-level analysis in an easy, intereactive and intuitive interface. You'll be able to visualize and understand your sales or conversion funnel: where it's working ... and where it's not.

With Vertical Studio & Analytics You Get Actionable Analysis

While Analytics is a free offering from Google, the real value lies in understanding the complex, nuanced information that it reveals. Imagine interpreting your own X-Ray or MRI scan. Honestly, wouldn't it be best read, interpreted, and acted on by a health professional? Trust Vertical Studio to give you expert analysis of the larger trends as well as the minute - but often indicitive - patterns. You'll see the true meaning of the data - and benefit from our proven strategies for improving ROI.

What You'll Learn

With Vertical Studio Analytics, you'll see your online business clearly and completely. For perhaps the first time, you'll get an accurate picture of how your customers see you. You'll profit from our knowledge of how to leverage Analytics into our Continuous Improvement Process.

You'll be able to:

-Measure Advertising ROI
-Visualize Data
-Customize Reports
-Track Cross Channel and Multimedia
-Share and Communicate