About Us

What Do You Need?
  • More leads for your business?
  • Sell more of your products online?
  • More traffic from search engines?
  • Greater loyalty from your current customers?
  • Your website to fully support your business goals?
  • Understand what is required to make a real impact online?
Vertical Studio was founded by Jon Dodson to help businesses of all sizes navigate the online world - yes, it can be difficult. We help our clients find the answers they need for their business by helping them ask the right questions.

Why Should You Work With Us?

The bottom line... Web Design & Development is a commodity service. A good coder is a good coder. But companies are used to paying premium dollars for design and development work and rarely is there any money left for strategy, marketing and consulting. That is like building an airplane and running out of budget before the engines are put on. We make sure that our client's have the right strategy in place to take their business to the next level. Your company has strengths and weaknesses, and we will help you allocate appropriate resources to these problems so your online business is a growth driver. At Vertical Studio, we can add to any level of online business - ecommerce or lead generation. We can be your "in-house" Internet Marketing & eCommerce department, or simply serve as trusted advisors on business opportunities, conversion optimization, and helping you reap more of what you sow.